News: 6/25/2008  

Journal of a Record #1

One of the goals of Sezio is to shed light on the usually unexplained and ambiguous process behind art and music.  Today I am officially in Portland to start the lengthy process of recording a full-length record and I will be documenting said process here on over the next few weeks.

I have spent whatever freetime I could find over the last six months or so developing a focused thesis for the project and a breakdown of how each song contributes to it.  The record is conceptual and it moves through a theme, in order from track one to track ten. It's been quite a lot to keep up with in addition to the standard elements that must be kept track of in putting together a record: keeping things dynamic yet consistent, staying interesting without overwhelming, and having the songs make each other better or give each other identity.  I'm tired but excited to be so close to putting it on tape and I have one week to finish my thoughts here in the Belmont Dairy:

I will spend the week touching up lyrics, writing unfinished parts for other instruments, and kind of mulling over the songs to make sure that they are finished before they go to tape.  No matter what gets recorded, all listeners will assume that every little word and sound is intentional.  This is a terrifyingly motivating factor in making a record; I love and hate it.  Check back for more posts and for now, here is a work in progress that I tried with my sister in the Luce Loft:


Journal of a Record #2

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