August 12, 2008
by Ash Thorp


House of Blues | 8/12/2008

The first time I can remember discovering the band Ratatat was while watching one of my favorite snowboard films and their song  "Wildcat" came on.  I can remember thinking to myself... damn this is an epic track!!!  Before I forgot, I quickly fast forwarded to the music credits and within minutes had their "Classics" album on my computer.  I was completely overwhelmed with their unique and original sound. Ratatat has this genius way of mixing genres that blow me away.  Their music emits a sonic vibe that many bands can only hope to attain.  If you have never heard of Ratatat then you are out of the loop, they are something any music lover will admire and cherish in there collection.Their live show was just epic...I usually like to stay back or watch from a distance to take the show in. With this show I found myself being pulled towards the front of the stage until was I shoulder to shoulder with my neighbors. Ratatat's music had this calming, but powerful energy live that put the audience in an interesting state of  being.  It was one of the first and only concerts that I have been in where the energy of the crowd was positive, pulsing, and energetic. Their live show was so powerful, each song just seamed to heighten the evolving sound.  My hat is off to Ratatat’s live show as they were simply amazing and really blew me away.  I highly recommend anyone to see them.

No cameras were I snuck a couple pics with my iphone.

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