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Andrew Bird blogs for the N.Y. Times

Detailing his writing and recording process for his upcoming album, Andrew Bird has been blogging for the New York Times on and off for the last couple months.  This is a fascinating insight into the mind of a musical genius.  

Check out the Blog here -

or Listen to Andrew Bird here -

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Behind the scenes at FM 94/9

A few pics from our radio appearance last night 

Brian Holwerda, Jimmy LaVelle, Andrew Heine & Troy Johnson

Mr. Pyles at work...

Heine & Holwerda

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The Raconteurs and My Morning Jacket coming to SDSU

Back to Back nights in September (24th & 25th) Jack White and The Raconteurs followed by Jim James and My Morning Jacket will bring the heat to SDSU's Open Air Theatre.  Both of these shows should be amazing.

Find tickets for The Raconteurs here.

Find tickets for My Morning Jacket here.



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In case you missed it

Setting up the Luce Loft for the Launch Party

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In the Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor

In the Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor is opening this weekend at the Laguna Art Museum.  It's an exhibition featuring work from 150 artists many of whom have been featured in the popular art mag Juxtapoz.  Mark Ryden, one of my absolute favorites, will be showing his collection "The Creatrix" which was first exhibited at the 2005 Wondertoonel show.  You have all summer to catch it, the show runs June 22nd through October 5th '08.  More info here

Mark Ryden

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