September 10, 2008
by Ash Thorp

Electro Pop Goodness

The Black Ghosts

IAMSOUND Records | Jul 2008

Sounds like: Simian Mobile Disco, Justice, Head Automatica, Gorillaz, The Presets, Gnarls Barkley, Prince, Jamiroquai, Walter Meego, and Thomas Dolby.
Aiming to take no prisoners, UK band, The Black Ghosts weave an eleven song album packed with pop hit goodies.  Their self titled full length debut album is a must have for anyone who enjoys 80's flashbacks.  With their soulful driving melodies, The Black Ghosts manage to push their genre (Electronic/Dance) to new heights.  Their eclectic tastes seep through as you shift through each track hearing throwbacks from the early 80's.  They polish out a great album that is inspiring and uniquely all its own.  Track after track you cant help but smile as the mood of the album is light and at times poppy.  While listening to the album, I never found a dry spell as with each track I felt as though I was introduced to a whole new band which brought forth a new sound.
I highly recommend this band to anyone who likes the bands I mentioned that they sound similar to.  I am excited about this album and haven’t found a negative critic in anyone that I have shown.

Tags: The Black Ghosts, electronic, pop, Ash Thorp

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